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Man accused of multiple shoplifting offenses

When people face an arrest for what may seem like a minor crime, they might think that the effect on their life won’t be significant. However, the judicial system treats any kind of theft very seriously, especially if the person stands accused of multiple instances of theft. Besides jail time or a fine, conviction could have a long-lasting impact over the course of a person’s life, in both personal and career aspects. This is what one Georgia man may be confronting after he was arrested and accused of multiple instances of shoplifting.

Atlanta police say that the man committed nine different thefts over the past five months. They claim that he robbed cars and different businesses. Officers say that when they spotted the man out in public, he ran from them and was apprehended behind a nearby home. 

The authorities claim that the man possessed a stolen credit card at the time of arrest. He faces multiple charges, including six counts of shoplifting and three counts of burglary. Police say that he recently left prison where he was serving time for other shoplifting offenses.

Whatever the outcome of these most recent shoplifting charges may be, a jail sentence or a fine could be just the beginning of difficulties this man may face if he is convicted. He could have trouble obtaining future employment or securing a place to live. An attorney here in Georgia with extensive experience in criminal defense could help anyone in a similar position who wants to minimize the impact of charges like this could have on one’s life.