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Wanted for shoplifting? You may want an attorney

When Georgia police suspect that a person has committed a crime in the Peach State, it is not unusual for law enforcement to reach out to the public for help. Often, news outlets ask for the public’s help identifying a suspect or getting information about an incident. While this is certainly helpful for investigative purposes, news stories may lack detail or not provide a follow-up. Anyone that stands accused of a crime like shoplifting may personally suffer if he or she did not actually commit a crime. 

Recently, Georgia police asked for the public’s help identifying two women suspected of shoplifting from a Walmart store. The article has what appears to be still photos from store surveillance cameras. Unfortunately, the article does not provide any evidence or detail as to why these particular individuals are currently suspected. 

People in a similar situation may be fearful that friends, family or an employer will see something like this on the news. An accusation is certainly no proof of guilt, and prosecutors will have to provide substantial evidence to support such a charge. Court cases can take weeks or even months to be adjudicated, and in the meantime an accused individual’s reputation may be at stake. 

Anyone accused of shoplifting or a similar crime in Georgia can seek assistance from a trusted local attorney. An attorney can help a client ensure that his or her rights are protected throughout the legal process and prepare a meaningful defense to present in court. A person should not have to fear admonishment or unfair treatment, such as being fired from a job or removed from an elected position just because he or she stands accused of a crime, and the right attorney can help a person fight to achieve the best possible result.