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Speeding ticket cheating scandal?

Traffic patrol officers are tasked with keeping a vigilant watch over Georgia roadways. When officers spot a driver breaking the law, it is not unusual for the driver to receive a warning or citation. With so many cars on the road, it can be difficult to spot violations like speeding, and officers have to rely on their training to determine how to handle a given situation. 

Police commonly use a radar device often called a speed gun to catch drivers traveling above the posted limit. For a driver, a speeding ticket can result in fines, points against a driving record and even loss of driving privileges. Speed guns are typically a reliable way to provide evidence that a driver was being unsafe, but a recent scandal resulted in a number of tickets being dismissed. 

An investigation revealed that some officers cheated during an online class meant to provide training in how to properly use the speed gun. When it was discovered that the officers did not honestly complete the necessary training, it was decided that tickets recently issued by one of the offending officers would be overturned. As police continue to probe the cheating scandal, more tickets may be overturned. 

A speeding ticket is not proof of speeding. Rather it is an accusation that must be supported by appropriate proof in court. A driver can dispute the ticket in court, and has the right to challenge speed gun evidence when it appears the officer used the device in error or was not properly trained to operate it. In such situations, a driver has every right to be represented in court by an experienced attorney.