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Three arrested for drug crimes

People charged for drug possession may know that the legal system considers it a serious crime. What they may not know is how different drugs may be treated under the law, since possession of certain types of drugs here in can carry harsher sentences than others. Those facing charges for drug crimes may want to consider their available legal options to determine the best course of action. This the likely scenario for three men here in Georgia who were recently arrested on various drug possession charges.

According to authorities, the three were arrested after receiving a tip that illegal drug sales were happening out of a particular house. Investigators from the Narcotics Intelligence Unit served a warrant at the home and arrested the individuals. The charges range from possession with intent to distribute for several different drugs, including marijuana and MDMA. 

Police also say that they seized an amount of money and multiple firearms in addition to drugs. One of the men was also charged with tampering with evidence and obstructing police. There is no word on where the authorities received the tip that let to the arrests in the first place. 

When people have charges like these on their record, they may not realize just how far-reaching the effect on their lives can be. In addition to punishment through the criminal justice system, such as jail time or fines, those convicted could have difficulty obtaining employment in the future. This is not to mention the potential damage to their personal and professional lives. Those facing charges for drug crimes here in Georgia should consider their criminal defense strategy. An experienced criminal defense attorney may offer the best chance at a favorable outcome.