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Traffic violations initiative: Gesture of goodwill or unfair?

Christmas is traditionally a time in which people are encouraged to spread goodwill to others. One police department in Georgia is in the midst of the second year of its own tradition, designed to show the community that officers care about the people they serve. Unfortunately, their outreach may be viewed by some as unfair treatment when it comes to traffic violations

It is not typically a joyful occasion when someone gets pulled over. Traffic tickets can result in hefty fines, loss of driving privileges and even jail time. Recently, the Fairburn Police Department decided to spread some holiday cheer by handing out gift cards instead of tickets to area drivers who were pulled over for driving infractions. 

While certainly a nice surprise for the recipients of the gift cards, the gift-giving was not a standard response across the board. While some drivers received a nice treat to the tune of a $10 Chick-fil-a lunch, others were issued tickets as usual. Police have even issued a statement explaining to the community that if a driver gets pulled over in the next week or so, he or she should not expect a break and should prepare to receive a ticket. 

Though it might seem like a hassle to fight a ticket for traffic violations in court, especially during the busy winter months, a driver should not just sign and pay the fine if a driver does not feel as if he or she actually broke the law. In many cases, it makes sense to consult an experienced attorney about the matter. A Georgia attorney can help a client prepare a solid defense and fight the ticket in court.