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Data regarding speeding tickets may be misleading

Georgia residents may already be aware that there is some controversy regarding traffic tickets within the Peach State. Speeding tickets and other citations are meant to be a penalty when a driver breaks the law because driving too fast or in a careless fashion can lead to serious crashes. Though certainly such penalties are in place to keep the general public safe on the road, there is solid evidence that the fines paid by drivers who receive these tickets make up an enormous portion of the budget in some cities and towns. 

Over the summer, whistleblowers called attention to data that suggests police within some Georgia municipalities may be a bit overzealous when issuing tickets that carry a fine if a driver is found guilty of the infraction for which he or she was cited. In some areas of Georgia, traffic fines make up nearly half of the budget for local government. It can seem like a hassle to contest a traffic ticket, and many drivers choose to just pay a fine to avoid a trip to traffic court. 

Some feel that police target areas where speed limits change, and some even refer to these areas as speed traps. Some residents have suggested that the legal speed ought to be painted on the roadway in these areas where the speed limit decreases suddenly so that drivers are adequately warned and can slow to the legal speed without being pulled over. So far, this suggestion has not come to fruition. 

When a driver is cited for speeding in Georgia, he or she may feel like it is just easier to pay a fine. Drivers should be aware, however, that they have the right to defend themselves against the charges. A driver should not admit guilt to any accusation if he or she is not really guilty, and in many cases, an experienced attorney can help ensure that a driver is not held responsible for a crime without proof from the prosecution.