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New parent and others charged with drug crimes

As Georgia residents prepare for the holidays, a lot of emphasis may be placed on the importance of family. Most parents want their child to be present for special gatherings and time-honored traditions but also for ordinary days. For a new parent, bringing a baby home might be a big adjustment, and one mother learned the hard way that being accused of drug crimes can affect a child. 

Reports indicate that Georgia police obtained a warrant to search a house. When they entered the residence, they found five people inside. Police allegedly observed illegal drugs and paraphernalia throughout the residence. One of the people inside attempted to run out the back door. 

All five people were promptly arrested and charged with various drug crimes. One of the accused was a young mother, and her baby, only weeks old, was in one of the rooms. She was charged with the additional crime of cruelty to children because the presence of drugs made the home unsafe for a child. 

When a Georgia parent is charged with drug crimes, he or she might be worried about the legal process; however, he or she may be more worried about the fate of his or her children. Many people struggling with addiction have a difficult time making good parenting decisions. A parent facing similar charges may want to contact an experienced attorney. An attorney can help a client prepare a defense for court and help aim for a verdict that reunites a rehabilitated parent with the child he or she loves.