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Juvenile driving offenses can come with big consequences

Georgia parents do their best to prepare their teens for adult privileges like driving. When a teen passes the road test, receives a license and grabs the keys, parents can only hope the teen will be careful and responsible behind the wheel. Unfortunately, young drivers are sometimes tempted to push the limits, and juvenile driving offenses can carry big consequences.  

Recently, Georgia officers spotted a vehicle going over 100 mph on a stretch of road where the posted speed was 65. As officers prepared to pursue the vehicle, the driver struck a concrete divider. The car was badly damaged and oil began to leak all over the road. 

When police caught up to the speeding driver, they found that he was a teenager and had three other teens along for the ride. The passengers were released to their parents, but the driver was charged with several offenses, including speeding, reckless driving and not having a valid license. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured. 

When a teen is facing juvenile driving offenses, parents may want to consult an attorney.  For many teens, such circumstances may be their first — though hopefully only — experience with the legal system. An attorney can help a teen know what to expect in court, and ensure that all applicable legal rights are protected throughout the legal proceedings. Driving offenses can follow a person well into adulthood, but an attorney can help a teen decide which options may lead to a better outcome in the short term and for the road ahead.