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Georgia residents facing drug charges for cocaine, meth and more

A Georgia drug task force has apparently been busy working on an investigation that spanned approximately four months’ time. Police say they recently acted on numerous warrants that led to seven arrests. Several people are now facing drug charges in connection with the investigation.

When police request entry to a particular residence, they often do so because they suspect that a crime has taken place inside or that someone residing in said dwelling has participated in criminal activity. If a search is conducted that results in seized property or an arrest, prosecutors may decide to file criminal charges if they believe enough evidence exists to seek conviction against one or more people involved. Any person charged with a drug crime is guaranteed an opportunity to refute those charges in court.

All of the recent arrests took place in Gainesville. Police say they believe the defendants were working together in an illegal drug operation. Officers claim to have seized methamphetamine, heroin, marijuana, cocaine and Viagra pills from their search locations. The latter is a brand name drug that is believed to help with erectile dysfunction, and investigators say there is a market for the pills on the street.

When substances are seized from a person or property and handed in as potential evidence toward drug charges, prosecutors are tasked with proving in court that the substances are, in fact, what they claim them to be. The process typically involves sending seized substances to a chemistry lab where special tests can be done to scientifically identify the properties of the substance. An experienced Georgia criminal defense attorney can often find ways to poke holes in a prosecutor’s case so that a jury or judge will rule in favor of his or her client, or, in cases where conviction is unavoidable, to at least help minimize the negative impact of the decision.