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Dog-napping? Man accused of theft

People love their furry friends, and Georgia residents may be among the growing number of Americans who consider their pets to be family members, not property. While certainly, it is not difficult to get attached to a beloved pet, animals are still legally considered to be property, and some kinds of pets cost a pretty penny. Recently, a Georgia man walked into a pet shop and found himself facing allegations of theft

Reports indicate that the man in question walked into a Georgia pet boutique that had some very expensive puppies for sale. The man allegedly showed interest in a type of bulldog puppy that had an $800 price tag. Store employees remember him playing with the pup inside the store for several minutes.

For reasons that are still unknown, the man then took the puppy out of the store, apparently carrying it in his arms. The store’s surveillance cameras captured the scene, and when the man failed to bring the pup back into the shop, police were summoned, and the man now stands accused of theft. Police say they are determined to find the man — who stands accused of felony shoplifting — and return the puppy to the store. 

No matter the circumstances that bring an allegation of theft against a person, being formally charged with a theft crime can be a stressful experience. Rest assured, however, that an accusation is not an indication of guilt, and each person accused has the right to present a defense at a fair trial. When facing Georgia courts, many people choose to contact an experienced attorney. An attorney can help a client prepare for court proceedings and present facts on a client’s behalf that can bring about the best possible legal outcome.