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Student says alleged theft is a cheesy accusation

| Sep 26, 2019 | Shoplifting And Theft Crimes |

Breakfast has long been touted as the most important meal of the day. Recently, a Georgia student popped into a local Waffle House restaurant to grab a bite and nearly wound up in legal trouble. What began as a question over a bill quickly escalated into an accusation of theft

The young man explains that, after enjoying his meal, he saw a charge on his bill that he did not understand. He questioned an employee and was informed that, since he had requested cheese be added to his meal, there was an up-charge of $1.00. The student said that the restaurant should inform customers that there is an extra charge when they order cheese, in case someone is not willing or able to pay extra.

Shockingly, the restaurant employee called the police. The police informed the young man that if he failed to pay the entire bill, despite not being told about the up-charge, he would be charged with theft. The student respectfully explained that he was able and willing to pay the bill, but he had merely taken issue with the fact that the server had not informed him that adding a topping would result in a higher bill. He paid the bill, but the incident left a bad taste in his mouth. 

When a person is facing a similar situation in Georgia and winds up being accused of theft, he or she may panic. Being accused of a crime is certainly not an indication of guilt, but when charges are filed against a person, they may have to face the judicial system. Many people choose to seek assistance from a local attorney, who can help a client ensure that the burden of proof is placed squarely upon the prosecution, and explain his or her version of events when it comes time to face the court. 

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