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29 arrested for drug possession in Georgia

| Sep 18, 2019 | Drug Possession |

Nearly 30 people have been arrested by the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit Drug Task Force across a variety of counties, according to recent reports. This drug possession bust was among the largest in the state, engaging nine different law enforcement organizations including county and local police forces as well as U.S. Marshals. Those arrested will be appearing in Georgia criminal court to face their charges. 

The details of these arrests were not included in the report. However, a sting operation of this scope can often take months of careful planning to coordinate the multiple organizations involved in the operation. The operation spanned four counties, however, and would necessarily involve the sharing of evidence and other investigative findings across all involved authorities. 

Of the 29 people arrested as part of the operation, almost all of them had drug-related charges filed against them. Predominantly, these charges were for possession of methamphetamine, but several of the arrested individuals also face charges that include trafficking, assault and weapons possession. Several others have outstanding warrants from other states or from within Georgia. It is unclear at this time whether more arrests are forthcoming, or whether police believe they have rounded up everyone regarding these accusations of drug crimes in the state. 

A drug bust of this scope carries with it the very real potential for human error. The more organizations involved in making mass arrests for drug possession, the more likely information could be miscommunicated or the wrong people arrested. This is why each individual will be represented by their own criminal defense attorney in a Georgia court, to ensure a fair and balanced trial process and to limit the potential that errors have been made. 

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