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Trust preparation: Are your affairs in order?

Georgia residents are enjoying the summer months, and as the old adage notes, “time flies.” Summer is a good time for having barbeques, reaping the fruits of labor from a garden or taking a much-needed vacation. For each of these activities, a little planning can go a long way, and help prevent unexpected problems. Trust preparation follows the same line of thinking. 

Far from a grim plotting of one’s demise, trust preparation is more like a gift to the family and friends left behind. With some solid advice and a bit of planning, loved ones can be taken care of when the time comes. On the other hand, failing to make the proper arrangements can cause one’s assets to become a point of stress or contention for surviving loved ones after the estate holder’s death.

There are several options for trust preparation, and stipulations or contingencies can even be included to ensure that the estate assets are put to good use. While it may sound like an overwhelming process, help is available. With the right assistance, key preparations can be made to care for one’s family. 

If a Georgia resident is interested in trust preparation, an experienced estate planning attorney can help. An attorney can discuss the available options with a client and review scenarios designed to prevent unnecessary stress to loved ones. Each estate is unique and requires a plan that accomplishes the goals of the estate holder while complying with applicable state and federal laws.