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Should you get a lawyer to defend against shoplifting charges?

Georgia shoppers are busy stocking up on back-to-school supplies and making sure their wardrobes are ready for fall. Consumers shopping for clothing might see those little security tags affixed to certain items of clothing. Meant to be removed at the time of purchase by a cashier, these tags will sound an alarm if a shopper attempts to leave with a tag still on an item, an effort to prevent shoplifting

Recently, Georgia police made public photos of six individuals they suspect may have been shoplifting from Victoria’s Secret. This chain store specializes in women’s fashions and undergarments and can be found in malls across the nation. Police are now searching for these individuals.

Law enforcement alleges that the shoppers in question entered the store with bags of merchandise from other shops. In a mall setting, this is not unusual, as shoppers can hardly be expected to go out and drop off goodies to their vehicles between each store. Police admit that security footage shows each individual paying cash for items from the store, but say they have reason to believe the shoppers put items that were not paid for into the other bags they had before approaching the register. To bolster this claim, they say they found some security tags scattered on the floor after the shoppers exited. 

Shoplifting can carry harsh penalties, and a person accused of such may want to contact an experienced Georgia attorney. Being accused of a crime is not proof of guilt. The prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the crime charged was committed by the defendant, and an experienced attorney can help ensure that a person is not wrongly convicted based on circumstantial evidence and suspicion alone.