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More trouble for reality star accused of drug possession?

“Mama June” Shannon, a Georgia resident and star of several reality TV shows, continues to make headlines in the wake of her arrest last spring. Viewers were shocked when news outlets reported that Ms. Shannon had been arrested on several charges, including drug possession. Now trying to make some changes in her life, the reality star faces harsh criticism from friends, family and the public. 

If convicted, Mama June could face a year in jail. However, her case has not been adjudicated yet, and she is innocent unless proved guilty, like any defendant. Mama June has denied that she has a substance abuse problem, and she refused to seek help during an intervention staged by loved ones.

Recently, she sold her large Georgia home that she used to share with her family. Now, her youngest child, Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Shannon, lives with her father, and sources say the family is keeping their distance from Mama June. Mama June claims that selling her house and a good portion of her belongings is far from a cry for help, and that she has wanted to travel the country in an RV for many years, which is precisely what she intends to do. 

This is an example of how merely being accused of drug possession can be a stressful situation and damage a person’s reputation. Many people in a similar position choose to bring an experienced attorney on board. An attorney can assist a client throughout the legal process, making sure his or her rights are protected, and fight for a favorable outcome when the time comes to face the court.