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Fight a traffic ticket with evidence of your own

Fighting a traffic ticket is easier said than done, as the police officer has the natural advantage. However, with the right approach, you may be able to come out on top when your day in court arrives.

There are many types of traffic tickets in which an officer’s judgment comes into play. With the right evidence backing up your claim, you put yourself in better position to win over the judge.

Here are some forms of evidence to use to your advantage:

  • Eyewitness statements: Did you have a passenger in your vehicle when the incident occurred? Did another driver see what happened? How about a pedestrian? Collect as many eyewitness statements as possible, especially those from neutral third parties. Having someone confirm your side of the events can do wonders for your defense.
  • Create diagrams: Yes, it takes some work on behalf of you and your legal team, but it can go a long way in proving that you didn’t commit a traffic violation. For example, your diagram may show your vehicle in proximity to the officer’s at the time of the citation. This can prove that they were unable to see you commit a violation.
  • Take photographs of the scene: Depending on the type of traffic ticket, taking photographs of the scene may prove your innocence. For example, you may be able to argue that a stop sign was covered by a parked vehicle or overhanging tree. A photograph is the best way to show this to the court.

There are times when it’s easy to collect evidence associated with a traffic ticket. There are also times when it’s much more complex, such as when you don’t really understand the reason for the violation.

Don’t hesitate to ask the officer why you were pulled over. If you receive a citation, read it thoroughly to better understand your legal rights. You need to take specific steps if you plan on fighting the ticket in court.

When you combine knowledge of your citation with knowledge of your legal rights, you’re putting yourself in position to avoid or reduce your penalty.

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