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New technology in place to combat speeding

Georgia families are enjoying the last few weeks of summer vacation, but the state is already prepping for back to school. In an effort to keep students safe, traffic cameras have been installed in school zones in some parts of the state. These cameras are designed to catch drivers that may be speeding or committing another driving offense. 

The thinking behind the cameras seems to be that it is a good way to keep drivers from speeding without having to have police officers physically present in the school zones to patrol traffic. Though surely, there is some law enforcement presence expected to ensure the safety of students, teachers and parents at the schools, the cameras are strictly to enforce traffic laws. Tickets from the cameras may have slightly different penalties than if a traditional ticket were written by a police officer. 

Georgia drivers should be aware that these cameras will take a picture of a vehicle if the vehicle is recorded as going more than 10 mph over the speed limit, and a driver can receive a ticket in the mail. Penalties for these speeding tickets can be almost $200. While currently, only a few districts in the state will have the cameras operational by the time school begins, other districts warn drivers that they are working on similar plans in the near future. 

Getting a speeding ticket can quickly put a damper on an otherwise good day. While it may be tempting to just sign the ticket, pay the fine and be done with the headache, this may not be advisable. Admitting guilt is certainly not a good idea if a driver does not feel he or she broke the law to begin with, and in some cases, law enforcement cannot prove that a law has been broken and a ticket will be tossed out of court. Drivers who want to fight a ticket in court typically benefit by retaining an experienced attorney to ensure fair treatment throughout the process.