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Being unaware of new laws can result in traffic violations

While the nation is celebrating the anniversary of America’s independence, the state of Georgia saw another anniversary pass. One year ago, the state passed a law prohibiting drivers from using a phone or other device while driving. This is the law of the land for anyone out and about on Georgia roads. If a person is not aware of the statute and violates its terms, he or she may be charged with traffic violations.  

Usually, violating this law results in a ticket for distracted driving. It is estimated that in the year since the law took effect, about 65,000 drivers were charged accordingly. Distracted driving is dangerous, because looking away from the road for even a moment can cause an accident that results in injury, death or property damage. 

People driving through Georgia should be aware that even though it may not seem dangerous to check a message or pull up directions, police do not care why a person is using a device while driving. Though the law has been in effect for a year, many drivers might still be unaware of the change. The number of traffic violations regarding this law have actually decreased, but police report that many people are still caught using a cellphone while driving each day, a reported average of 68 drivers statewide. 

A ticket for traffic violations can cause a person stress. Especially in cases where a driver feels that he or she did not actually break the law, an experienced attorney may be able to help. An attorney can help a client ensure that the burden of proof falls upon the prosecution, and help a driver avoid unfair penalties or strikes against his or her driver’s license.