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Teens and marijuana possession: Does your teen know the law?

Georgia has recently passed several laws that will eventually allow the use of medical marijuana for qualified patients. Many states already have the infrastructure for such programs in place, while others have decriminalized or legalized the use of marijuana entirely. A teen may not be aware that laws vary from state to state, and a Georgia teen may end up in legal trouble after being charged with marijuana possession.

Recently, a Georgia teen was found to be in possession of some vape cartridges. Vaping among teens is becoming more common even though the use and sale of such products is restricted until a person is 18 years old, like traditional tobacco products. The cartridges the teen had contained THC, an ingredient in marijuana that produces a high.

The teen was charged with marijuana possession. He was also charged with intent to distribute because he had about 46 of the cartridges in his possession. It is important for parents to help their teens understand this is considered a drug crime under current law. 

When a Georgia teen finds him or herself in trouble for marijuana possession, a parent may panic. Nobody wants his or her child to run afoul of the law before he or she has had the chance to experience adult life. Having a criminal record can affect a teen’s future and make it more difficult to be accepted to a college or university or seek gainful employment. In many cases, an experienced attorney can help a family prepare a solid legal defense for a teen and work towards a favorable outcome when the day comes to face a court of law.