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Smile, you’re on camera, but were you shoplifting?

| Jun 6, 2019 | Shoplifting And Theft Crimes |

Georgia shoppers would be hard-pressed to find a modern retail establishment that does not use some sort of security system, such as cameras or special tags on goods. Retailers use measures like these to reduce the risk of theft and shoplifting. What happens when someone reviews footage from the cameras and sees a person suspected of committing one of these crimes?

Recently, footage from security cameras at Ulta Beauty in Georgia showed three individuals whom law enforcement suspects of shoplifting. Police are asking the public to help identify the people in the video. It is unclear what sort of evidence law enforcement claims to have. 

It was noted that these individuals caught the eye of law enforcement because they were allegedly involved in shoplifting at other Ulta locations. It was not made clear if any of the individuals have been charged with or convicted of any such crimes in the past. Police do not even seem to know the names or ages of any of the people in question, nor have they stated what is actually shown in the security footage.

When a person is accused of shoplifting in Georgia, he or she may feel a bit panicked. In many cases, an experienced attorney can jump in and calm a client’s nerves. An attorney can help a client ensure that his or her rights are protected through every step of the legal process. The burden of proof is placed squarely upon the prosecution, and a person is innocent unless the prosecution is able to prove otherwise beyond a reasonable doubt. 

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