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How to fight back against shoplifting charges in Georgia

Being accused of shoplifting can often be a misunderstanding, but it can be damaging. Not only can it lead to a criminal record and legal consequences, but it can severely damage your reputation within your community. This is why it is so important to defend yourself if you have been falsely accused of shoplifting.

The way that you choose to defend yourself will generally depend on the action that you were accused of. For example, defending yourself against being accused of walking out of a store with unpaid items is going to be a different type of defense than reacting to an allegation of altering price tags on items.

It is a good idea to read more about the most common forms of defense so that you can consider how they could apply to your situation.

An honest mistake

It’s common for our mind to wander when shopping, and we can so easily lose our concentration. For example, you may be holding some items of clothing with the intent to try them on while having to take care of your children. If you become distracted by your children’s needs and decide to take your children outside, you may have forgotten that you were carrying unpaid items. This is a typical instance of an honest mistake leading to an accusation of shoplifting.


In most cases, being drunk is not a crime. However, intoxication can lead to poor judgment and regrettable decisions. If you were intoxicated in a store, this may have caused you to act in a forgetful manner, and you may have taken property without intending to do so. If you can prove that there was a lack of intent, you may be able to successfully defend yourself.


If you were manipulated or coerced into shoplifting, the blame may lie with the person who persuaded you to commit the act. If you did not have an intent to steal but you felt that you had no other option because of group pressure, you may be able to defend yourself by claiming entrapment.

If you want to avoid being charged with shoplifting in Georgia, it is important that you take swift action to understand the law and to defend yourself.