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East Coast initiative zeros in on traffic violations

Drivers will notice an increased police presence on the roads up and down the East Coast in the coming weeks. The state of Georgia will be participating in Operation Coast to Coast, an initiative in which at least eight states have joined. The purpose is to station extra law enforcement along routes that are frequently used by those traveling for vacation. With summer vacation already underway, police are cracking down on traffic violations

Last year, thousands of drivers were ticketed during this initiative. Some of the main infractions police are looking out for include speeding, distracted driving, DUI and seat belt enforcement. Police say that there will be sobriety check points as well. 

While certainly, keeping dangerous drivers off the roads can save lives, many drivers may feel unfairly targeted. It can put a damper on a vacation to receive a ticket while traveling. Especially when traveling across state lines, drivers should try to make sure they are aware of traffic laws when driving through unfamiliar places. People driving through Georgia may notice increased traffic and delays near the checkpoints. 

When a driver receives a ticket for traffic violations, he or she may be tempted to just sign the bottom and pay the fine to avoid the hassle of fighting the charges. Surely, a driver does not want to waste his or her summer vacation with a ticket hanging over his or her head. The good news is, an experienced attorney can help a driver fight a ticket in court, helping people avoid paying fines or facing consequences for a violation he or she did not actually commit.