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Police: Retail giant a magnet for theft

Most Georgia shoppers have probably been to a Walmart. The retail giant has locations all over the United States, and for many, it is an affordable one-stop shop. The busy stores also attract people planning to commit theft, according to local police. 

Police say that they have responded to a local Walmart thousands of times. They admit that, on many occasions, the store called for police help over items that cost only a few dollars or because a shopper was merely suspected of theft. Walmart says that they have worked to develop new theft prevention methods. 

The police seemed to be of the opinion that their response was unnecessary on many of these calls. They hope that new security measures like visible cameras and security tags on expensive items will prevent some of these calls in the future. The police department that was interviewed stated that responding to calls of possible theft at Walmart is taking valuable officer presence out of the surrounding community; they also stated that the retail giant needs to make more effort to prevent theft internally. 

When a Georgia shopper is accused of theft, he or she may be nervous and stressed. Being charged with a crime can certainly feel overwhelming. It is important to remember that an accusation is not an indication of guilt. In any case, the prosecution must present evidence to prove that the accused actually committed the crime. An experienced attorney can help an accused client present his or her defense in a court of law and help work towards a favorable outcome for the person accused.