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Marijuana possession still risky for patients

Georgia voters were successful in getting the ball rolling on the state’s medical marijuana program. Though many rejoiced at the passing of new, long-awaited laws that will allow patients to have ready access to the medicine, patients should not celebrate just yet. It has come to light that the process is still years in the making, and in the meantime, a patient can still be charged with marijuana possession

Several roadblocks are making it difficult for Georgia patients to have access to the medicine prescribed to ease their suffering. First and foremost, marijuana remains a schedule 1 drug on a federal level. This means that pharmacies may have trouble selling the medication, and private retail locations will have to be established. 

Georgia is now forming a commission to oversee issues related to marijuana. This commission will be tasked with regulating where and how marijuana will be grown, processed and dispensed to patients within the state. Experts estimate the program is still years away from completion, and until it is, patients could still face charges of marijuana possession, because the only current way to gain access to the medicine is to purchase it illegally. 

Being charged with marijuana possession can seem unfair. The drug, in many places outside the state, is now legal even for recreational consumption. Georgia residents may grow frustrated at the seemingly outdated laws regarding marijuana possession. In many cases, a person charged with this crime may want to consult an experienced attorney to help fight the charges in a court of law.