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Georgia residents face drug possession charges

Three individuals accused of trying to smuggle almost 100 pounds of marijuana have been arrested, according to local police. Georgia police responded to a call at Atlanta International Airport, and are now holding all three individuals on charges including drug possession and trafficking. So far, no court date has been announced for any of the three individuals who have been so charged. 

According to the report, it appears the Georgia Bureau of Investigation has been looking into a serious drug smuggling operation they believed to be running through the airport. The recent decriminalization of marijuana in neighboring states has increased the flow of the drug into Georgia, where it is resold on the streets. The investigation led them to develop further concerns about the use of synthetic THC, which can be far more harmful to the health of the user than organically-sourced THC. 

Three people were arrested as part of a sting operation at the airport, wherein 100 pounds of what is believed to be marijuana sent from other states for resale were seized. All three individuals, a 25-year-old man and two women ages 32 and 28, were arrested at the airport. They face trafficking and possession charges that could see all three of them behind bars for years if they are found guilty. 

With that said, drug possession and trafficking charges must be handled carefully in a Georgia court. The prosecution carries the burden of proof that states they must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that all three individuals were complicit in the possession and trafficking of an illegal substance. To ensure a fair trial, each individual will be represented by their own criminal defense attorney, who will work to build a strong case in his or her client’s defense.