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Shoplifting can steal your future

Georgia residents may consider shoplifting to be a petty crime, often associated with a child sneaking a candy item in the checkout line or other scenario in which a simple lesson can be learned. Sadly, many adults make the decision to take things without paying for them, and in many cases, being caught shoplifting can turn into a serious situation for the person accused. Recently, a group of adults was accused of just this thing, and now each individual involved must face the music. 

The trouble began when several individuals, all adults, according to reports, were found to have stolen merchandise in a vehicle. Many of the clothing items still had the security tags on, which would indicate that the items had not been paid for. Police were happy to catch the group in action, because other local businesses had reported similar loss due to theft in recent weeks. 

After further investigation, police allege that they found drugs and paraphernalia in the suspects’ vehicle. The department store that called the police estimated that the goods recovered were worth well over a thousand dollars. The investigation is ongoing, as police try to determine if this incident is related to any reports from other retail establishments. 

When a Georgia resident has been accused of shoplifting, he or she may quickly feel overwhelmed. Especially in cases where an entire group is found with stolen items, it may be difficult to determine the road each of the accused played in the alleged crime. Each suspect is innocent until a prosecutor can prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, and on many occasions, an experienced attorney can help an individual accused explain his or her version of events in a court of law, which may lead to a favorable outcome for a frightened and remorseful client.