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New law will affect marijuana possession within state

Many Georgia patients will be overjoyed to learn that, at long last, the state has passed new laws outlining the provisions for production and sale of medical marijuana. For some time, Georgia residents suffering from qualifying conditions could obtain a medical marijuana card. Shockingly, these patients remained unable to legally obtain the medicine, leaving them at risk to be charged with marijuana possession

As the clock ticked down on the recent legislative session, lawmakers finally passed the bill that outlines how medical marijuana can be produced and sold to patients across the state. While this is a huge triumph for supporters of medical marijuana, and will certainly keep patients out of trouble in the future, many have already been prosecuted for using the drug a doctor prescribed. The state aims to put the new plan into effect immediately, but it will take time to establish the infrastructure necessary to make the new system work. 

Also, unlike other states, Georgia has not legalized or decriminalized recreational use. This means that persons who have been unable to obtain a medical marijuana card are still not allowed to possess or consume marijuana in Georgia. Persons caught with even a small amount can still face criminal charges. 

When a Georgia resident finds him- or herself facing charges of marijuana possession, he or she may feel stressed and nervous. People in this sort of situation should remain calm and try to remember that all persons accused are innocent until proved guilty. Many people choose to bring an experienced attorney on board. An attorney can help a client prepare to present a solid defense against marijuana possession charges in a court of law.