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Woman faces drug possession charges in Georgia

A 28-year-old woman is in police custody in Floyd County after being accused of attempting to sell methamphetamine. Georgia police arrested the woman at 11 p.m. the night of March 9 after a traffic stop. She now faces charges including drug possession and intent to distribute. 

According to the limited information available in the report, the woman was pulled over for reasons unknown on Martha Berry Highway by a Georgia State Patrol trooper. It is unclear what transpired during this traffic stop, but apparently it led to the trooper searching the woman and/or her vehicle. The trooper said that a bag containing what is believed to be methamphetamine was found, along with digital scales coated in residue also believed to be the powerful stimulant. 

The woman was arrested on site and is now charged with felony intent to distribute meth, felony possession of meth, as well as misdemeanor possession of drug-related objects. She is also reportedly on probation for an unrelated crime and faces a felony probation violation as well. She remains in custody with no bond set as of this report.

If the woman is found guilty of the myriad of drug charges filed against her, particularly considering her existing probation conditions, she could find herself in jail for a long time. However, it will be incumbent upon Georgia state prosecutors to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the woman was guilty of drug possession of methamphetamine and that she intended to distribute it. Her criminal defense attorney will carefully review the Georgia state trooper’s record of the traffic stop to determine whether the search of her vehicle was conducted lawfully and in accordance with her rights as a citizen.