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Georgia ranks high regarding aggressive driving

Slow down, Georgia, you’re on the radar. After a bit of research by a website that helps users find local gas prices, it was determined that Georgia drivers have become some of the most aggressive in the nation. Aggressive driving can refer to things like speeding, slamming on the brakes, and other maneuvers a driver may use to express his or her frustration on the road. While certainly, most drivers do their best to stay safe and obey the laws, a moment of frustration can attract the attention of law enforcement, or even lead to an accident, which can cause trouble for a driver. 

It is estimated that, across the Georgia roadways, aggressive driving occurs about every eight minutes. During rush hour, and especially on Fridays, when people are anxious to get home and kick off the weekend, the frequency increases. The study also hinted that, perhaps the large amounts of traffic in cities like Atlanta, which have an outdated infrastructure, may contribute to the frustration of drivers. 

When a driver gets pulled over, he or she may become even more frustrated. Even when an aggressive driving scenario does not result in any physical harm or damage, a person may still be charged by police. The penalties for such a citation, if a driver is found guilty, can range anywhere from fines to loss of driving privileges, depending on the circumstances. However, when a ticket is issued, a driver has the opportunity to fight the accusation in a court of law. 

A Georgia driver who is facing charges of aggressive driving may do well to contact an experienced attorney. In some cases, a driver may not feel that he or she was breaking any rules, and perhaps traffic or other circumstances rendered a speed-up or slow-down necessary. Each driver is innocent until proved guilty, and drivers should not just check “guilty” and pay the fine if they do not feel a law was broken.