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Confusing laws regarding marijuana possession

Georgia, like many states, has passed laws allowing people with legitimate ailments to use medical marijuana to treat the problem. Medical research continues to show that, when properly administered and taken under the care of medical professionals, marijuana can alleviate many symptoms without the harsh side effects often associated with other pharmaceutical drugs. Unfortunately, unlike other states, Georgia has failed to provide a way for patients to access the medicine, leaving patients at risk to be charged with marijuana possession

Patients across the state of Georgia are crying foul. Though patients must jump through hoops to get the card allowing the use of marijuana for medical treatment, the card is actually useless. It is still illegal for Georgia residents to grow or purchase marijuana. Patients have no way to access the medicine they need.

Some patients choose to get marijuana from black market suppliers, and many patients express frustration that they are forced to choose between risking arrest and criminal charges or going without the medicine they need. The system is broken, and until lawmakers catch up and set it right, patients across the state risk losing their jobs and custody of children, and facing fines, penalties and even jail time. There are several pieces of legislation pending, but for now, there is no way for Georgia residents to get or consume the medication a doctor has said he or she needs. 

If a Georgia patient has been charged with marijuana possession, he or she may be understandably frustrated. Help is available, in the form of an experienced attorney. An attorney can help a client fight for the protection of his or her rights in a court of law.