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2 charged with marijuana possession in Georgia

The Floyd County Jail has reported two individuals being remanded to custody following a drug-related arrest. Police in Floyd County, Georgia, arrested a 25-year-old man and a 30-year-old woman for alleged synthetic marijuana possession. Both of these individuals now face felony charges for possession and are currently awaiting trial. 

Apparently, the arrest was predicated by an incident at a local convenience store. The woman is believed to have stolen and eaten a hot dog from the store, at which point management detained them and called police. When officers arrived on scene and began processing the duo, the man allegedly hugged the woman. Police believe he took an unknown quantity of synthetic marijuana from her clothing during the hug. 

It is unclear what happened at this stage of the investigation, but both individuals now face charges of possession of marijuana. The woman faces an additional shoplifting charge for the alleged hot dog incident. It is not known whether either individual has sought out criminal defense representation at this time, and no trial date has yet been confirmed to the public. 

Marijuana possession can be a relatively minor crime in the state of Georgia, but a criminal conviction can still have lasting impact on the accused individuals. They could face fines or even jail time, depending on the amount of the drug police say they possessed. However, their criminal defense teams will no doubt wish to know more about the specifics of the police search of their persons, following the alleged shoplifting incident. If their rights were in any way violated by police during the course of this search, this could influence the outcome of their trial in a major way.