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Shoplifting accusations against teens

In Georgia and elsewhere, the older a child gets, the more a decision-making process shifts from the parent to the offspring. When a child reaches the age of 18, he or she is considered an adult in the eyes of the law. Though certainly, a person at this age can do his or her best to make good choices, it is not uncommon for some teens and young adults to find trouble in the form of petty crimes, such as shoplifting.

Recently, a Georgia teen found himself facing shoplifting charges. Initial reports say that the young man was accused of stealing two ties from a clothing store at the local mall. Though police did not indicate that he stole anything else, he was charged with shoplifting and banned from the mall for a a period of two years. 

Situations like this can often be stressful for a teen and his or her family. A teen may not realize that a simple mistake can become a mark on his or her permanent record. Unfortunately, being convicted of a crime such as shoplifting can make a person’s life more difficult down the road. When a young adult is seeking employment or applying for a college or university, a background check is often performed. 

A teen or young adult that is facing shoplifting or similar charges may want to take steps to ensure that one mistake does not ruin his or her future, if indeed a mistake was even made. In many cases, an experienced attorney can provide assistance. A person accused of a crime is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty, and the burden of proof is placed squarely on the prosecution. A lawyer can help prepare a meaningful defense focused on achieving the best possible result.