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Reports of shoplifting may not tell the whole story

Georgia residents may be among the millions of Americans who enjoy reading the daily news. Whether it’s a newspaper or online, reading the local news can be a good way to keep up with what’s going on in the community. Many local news sources include a police log, which usually gives a brief description of crimes that have allegedly occurred in the area. Unfortunately, these snippets do not give the full story, and many times, people who are not actually guilty of a crime must suffer the embarrassment of being accused in a police log, which can remain online or in print for many years, with no follow-up to attest to his or her innocence. A recent police log gives a bare bones description of a supposed shoplifting crime, but the accusation may very well be a misunderstanding. 

A Georgia news source states that a man was arrested after an incident at a shopping mall. The police log does not mention why law enforcement suspected that the man committed a crime. It merely states that he was discovered with multiple types of clothing items under his first layer of clothing and could not prove that all the items belonged to him. 

Being in possession of numerous clothing items does not necessarily mean a person has committed a crime, even if the store he or she is in sells clothing similar to what he or she is holding or wearing at the time. In this situation, police made an arrest and prosecutors filed charges against the man. Any man or woman accused of shoplifting or some other criminal offense is guaranteed the opportunity to build as strong a defense as possible to dispute the charges.

Facing shoplifting charges in Georgia or elsewhere is a stressful matter. This is why most defendants request legal support before heading to court. An experienced criminal law attorney can determine what type of defense strategy options are available and what a best course of action would be in a particular set of circumstances.