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You don’t have to leave the store to be accused of shoplifting

Georgia shoppers may be among the millions of Americans who regularly visit a local mall. A day at a shopping mall can be a nice way to spend an afternoon, and people enjoy hunting a bargain, seeing the latest trends, and maybe grabbing lunch at the food court. For shoppers who make purchases at multiple stores, keeping all the bags organized can be tricky, but shoppers beware, a slip-up can lead to accusations of shoplifting

Recently, a 21-year-old Georgia man was shopping at a local mall. He had already made purchases at several other stores and was carrying all the bags with him. It is not reasonable to think a person would take the bags out to a vehicle, or home, between each store in the mall. With his hands admittedly full, he found an item he liked — a wallet, reportedly worth about $40. 

For unknown reasons, perhaps just to free up a hand, the man put the item in a bag from another store. By all accounts, the merchandise from the other stores had been paid for. A loss prevention employee spied the man on a security camera, and immediately rushed to judgement. Though the man did not attempt to hide the wallet on his person, nor did he leave the store, he was charged with shoplifting and banned from the entire mall for two years. 

Sometimes, a simple absent-minded moment can lead to being charged with a crime, like shoplifting. People accused of a crime may want to maintain their innocence in a court of law, not wanting to face a punishment for a crime they did not commit. Many people in such a situation choose to bring an experienced attorney on board. An attorney can help a client ensure that his or her rights are protected throughout the legal process, and help bring to light before the judge evidence to support his or her plea of innocence.