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Hotel stay leads to drug possession charges for Georgia couple

Georgia couples may book rooms in hotels for any number of reasons. Sometimes, hotel stays provide convenience to travelers who are either taking a break amid a longer journey or are visiting family in the area and do not wish to impose on their relatives for a place to stay. Not every hotel stay is innocent, however — at least, according to police who claim one couple was arrested for drug possession and child endangerment due to their illicit hotel activities.

Things are not always as they seem. If police search a hotel room and seize items from that room, it does not necessarily mean the items belonged to the current guests of the hotel who are staying in that room. A prior guest could have easily left behind personal belongings.

In this case, police were called to a particular hotel on a recent Sunday where they were told housekeeping workers had found illegal drugs in one of the rooms. The officers conducted a search of the room and said they discovered more drugs, as well as firearms and drug paraphernalia. While police were searching the premises, a man, woman and child reportedly entered the room.

Police questioned the child and claim she told them that she knew there were needles in the room. The adults were arrested and now face drug possession charges, as well as charges of child abuse and unlawful possession of a firearm. If a Georgia court hands down a conviction for drug crimes, penalties may be quite severe. Any person facing such charges is guaranteed the opportunity to present a strong defense, which most defendants do by asking experienced criminal law attorneys to represent them in court.