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Woman charged with drug crimes after unrelated incident

By now, Georgia residents are well aware that the nation as a whole is in the midst of what many experts describe as an “addiction epidemic.” Addiction to drugs is now considered by many medical professionals to be a disease, and some warn that many addicts will only suffer more if they are only prosecuted criminally and not given an opportunity for medical rehabilitation. Certainly, some people charged with drug crimes may have been involved in other serious criminal activity, but statistics show that a large portion of addicts are just regular people, struggling to live with their addiction.

Recently, a Georgia woman was shopping in a local Dollar General store. Someone suspected she had exited the store without paying for merchandise. Police were called to the scene and discovered the woman outside the store. 

Though they initially arrived to determine whether or not the woman had stolen anything, a search of her person allegedly yielded a small glass pipe. The woman had not been suspected of drug use, and authorities did not indicate they had reason to believe she was under the influence at the time of the search. Still, testing was performed on the glass pipe, and police allege the pipe contained residue from the powerful drug methamphetamine, known to be highly addictive. 

When a person is charged with drug crimes, he or she may feel helpless. The good news is that drug crimes are treated like any other crime. The prosecution must prove one’s case beyond a reasonable doubt, and any evidence one claims to have can be called into question by the defense. All persons accused of a crime are innocent unless the prosecution is able to prove guilt, and many defendants choose to seek the aid of an experienced attorney when it comes time to face the court.