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Students home for the holidays prone to underage DUI enforcement

Georgia families may be preparing to welcome their children home for the holidays. Colleges and universities across the nation take a break from classes for a few weeks, allowing students the opportunity to return to their roots and visit old friends and loved ones. Many students look forward to catching up and often enjoy a night out with friends they may have been separated from since the beginning of the school year. Families need to be aware that the state has already issued a warning, and people accused of underage DUI could face serious consequences.

Georgia police are on the lookout for impaired drivers of any age. Statistically, the holiday season brings an increase in alcohol-related accidents. This time of year, it is not unusual for friends to have a few drinks as they watch a sporting event, grab a snack at a favorite old restaurant or gather around a cozy fire to reminisce. 

Teens and young adults may not be able to properly ascertain if the amount of alcohol they have consumed has put them above the legal limit of .08. Police warn that a DUI arrest can lead to an immediate trip to jail. Law enforcement across the state has been trained to spot indicators of drivers under the influence, and have warned the public that they are specifically seeking drivers who pose an increased risk to the public because they are under the influence of drugs and alcohol. 

Drivers may fear that an accusation of underage DUI could ruin more than their holidays. The good news is that an accusation is certainly not an indication of guilt, and any person accused must be proved guilty beyond reasonable doubt by the prosecution. Many defendants choose to seek aid from an experienced attorney. An attorney can help a person as he or she begins the court process to maintain his or her innocence and have the matter cleared up in the eyes of the law.