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Shoplifting accusations increase during holidays

Georgia shoppers may have visited a local store in recent weeks, likely noticing how crowded many retail establishments are this time of year. Some stores even report that the place was so busy, no carts were available for customers. During hours when stores are busy, it is not unusual for retail establishments to ramp up security measures to prevent theft. Unfortunately, for some shoppers, the hectic environment can lead to accusations of shoplifting

In one recent case, a woman was spotted placing items in a bag and walking out of the store without paying for the items. She did not leave the store’s premises, however. She explained to authorities that she did not intend to steal any merchandise and was not aware that merely stepping outside the door with items that had not been paid for yet would be considered stealing. She was charged with shoplifting anyway. 

Another man went to the customer service desk to cancel a layaway order. Store employees happily obliged and refunded the man the money that had been paid toward the order so far. Unfortunately, the order was not in the man’s own name and he was accused of theft. Details remain unclear, and there may be a simple explanation for the man’s actions. He may have merely attempted to save a friend or family member a trip to the store by taking care of the order cancellation on his or her behalf. 

When a Georgia resident is accused of shoplifting, he or she may worry about the legal repercussions. Each person is innocent if and until proved guilty in a court of law. The burden of proof is placed squarely upon the prosecution. Many people choose to seek aid from an experienced attorney because an attorney can help a client as he or she attempts to maintain his or her innocence during each step of the judicial process.