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Drug crimes? Maybe there’s more to the story

Experts say the rampant abuse of prescription drugs has reached epidemic proportions. Across Georgia and the nation as a whole, law enforcement is on high alert, trying to stop drug crimes before illegal prescription drugs hit the black markets, often sold by drug dealers peddling other controlled substances. Many people think that, because a certain drug is available with a prescription, it is safe to consume, but if a person has not been prescribed medication by a doctor, they can be dangerous and are against the law, like other illegal street drugs.

Unfortunately, the methods used to combat the presence of prescription drugs in the illegal drug market can turn into a bit of a witch hunt. Law enforcement has become quick to make arrests first and sort out the details later. Surely this is a noble effort to save lives by preventing overdoses and drug abuse, but for a person falsely accused, the aftermath may have devastating consequences. 

Recently, a Georgia nurse was arrested for drug crimes after she was allegedly seen on video taking several prescription drugs out of a secure storage area. Hospital security alerted police, who showed up and arrested the woman, accusing her of attempting to steal the drugs. However, the nurse did not leave the premises with any of the medications and, according to reports, did not consume or let others consume any of the drugs while they were in her possession. She also had medical equipment, like an i.v., that would correspond with the proper administration of such drugs in a hospital setting. The investigation is ongoing, and the frustrated nurse has declined to comment publicly. 

When a Georgia resident has been accused of drug crimes, he or she may be likewise frustrated. Often, there are facts not readily available to the public that could disprove the accusation entirely. In situations like these, the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a crime has been committed, and unless and until that happens, a person accused is innocent in the eyes of the law. Often, an accused person decides to bring a knowledgeable attorney on board. An attorney can help a client present his or her case to a judge and help ensure that the burden of proof is placed squarely on the accusers.