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Police prepare to issue high numbers of traffic violations

Georgia residents may already be enjoying the hustle and bustle of the 2018 holiday season. There is a lot to do this time of year, and many people are out and about. The holidays are traditionally accompanied by an increased amount of traffic, and local police are being trained to spot traffic violations

In preparation for the increased traffic, some Georgia police departments are providing supplemental training for officers. The workshops teach officers to spot traffic violations, specifically violations that may endanger others on the road, like erratic driving or driving under the influence. Though these training sessions are meant to keep the general public safe on the roads, the officers are learning to use methods based more on observation, and not exclusively field sobriety tests, breath tests and other traditional indicators. 

Being ticketed for a traffic violation can quickly put a damper on an otherwise good day. Especially in the coming weeks, when many people are busy planning family meals, visiting friends, decorating or gift shopping, a traffic ticket can add unnecessary stress. The possibility of an expensive fine or loss of driving privileges can be scary, but drivers need to be aware that being cited for a traffic violation does not mean a driver is guilty.

On many occasions, when a driver is given a ticket for traffic violations, he or she may just plead guilty and accept the penalty to avoid attending traffic court. This is not advisable, though, because each accused driver is given the opportunity to present his or her case to a judge, and the officers involved in the incident must present solid proof that a violation has occurred. Statistically, it is estimated that between 40-50% of drivers ticketed are actually found innocent, and fighting a ticket in court can help a driver avoid taking the blame for something that he or she did not do, paying unnecessary fines, facing penalties or getting points against his or her driver’s license.