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Famous lawyer accused of domestic violence

In Georgia and across the country, the law takes accusations of violent behavior seriously. Domestic violence remains a particular concern. In cases where a person is accused of domestic violence, law enforcement has been known to arrested the suspect first, and then hash out the details later. 

A well-known attorney finds himself in the center of a tabloid fiasco after a woman accused him of domestic violence. The attorney, Michael Avenatti, represents Stormy Daniels, the woman suing President Trump over a so-called hush-money payment to her. Mr. Avenatti maintains his innocence with regard to the abuse claim. 

Police did not provide many details, stating only that the woman claiming to be the victim was able to show injuries that may be a result of violence. They have failed to detail why they suspect Mr. Avenatti was the cause of the injuries. Mr. Avenatti claims the allegations are merely an attempt to tarnish his reputation as he prepares for an upcoming court case, as he recently announced that he may enter the next presidential race and fears his political enemies will use such accusations to cast a shadow on his campaign or legal practice. 

Though domestic violence is certainly a serious crime, an accusation does not constitute guilt. Many of these kinds of accusations are based upon the word of one person against another. People who are facing criminal charges in Georgia may want to partner with a knowledgeable attorney. Going to court may sound frightening, but having an attorney by one’s side can help immeasurably in pursuing an optimal outcome given the circumstances.