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Couple accused of shoplifting

The holiday season is fast approaching, and stores across Georgia are becoming crowded with the annual flood of bargain hunters and gift shoppers. Sales meant to attract large numbers of shoppers can result in crowds and long lines. This time of year, there is usually a spike in accusations of shoplifting.

Georgia residents who have braved the crowds before may be able to attest to the fact that there is sometimes a shortage of carts or baskets in which shoppers keep the items they plan to purchase. Some people may consider holding their items in their clothes pockets or personal bags. This is not a good idea as it may appear that an individual is attempting to steal the goods.

Recently, a Georgia couple was charged with shoplifting after they were seen on surveillance cameras, allegedly putting merchandise into their pockets. Though they did not leave the store with any items that had not been paid for, they were stopped by a loss prevention officer. Police were called to the scene, and now the couple must defend themselves in court. 

When a Georgia resident has been accused of shoplifting, this may cause panic. Many people do not know what to expect when they must face the court, and they may feel they are not capable of presenting a defense on their own. Fortunately, persons accused have the option of partnering with an experienced attorney. An attorney may be able to help a client present his or her side of the story to a judge and present evidence that can lead to a favorable judgement.