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Teens accused of theft and more

Georgia parents would likely agree that teens can be as difficult to manage as children at younger ages. Though most teens are ready for some level of independence, and can often get through their daily routine without much supervision or assistance, teens often do not understand that their actions can have consequences that could follow them for decades. Sometimes, one bad decision, such as a theft crime, can land a young person in a legal situation he or she may not be equipped to deal with. 

Recently, it was suspected that a group of Georgia teens had robbed a pizza delivery driver. They allegedly fired a weapon to frighten the man, and stole money from him. Later it is suspected that the same teens entered a restaurant and demanded money from the employees. Though the boys were reported to be armed during both incidents, it was confirmed that no one was hurt in either case. 

The boys were later arrested, and it was stated that police found one of the suspects cowered under a vehicle in a parking lot, where they suspect he had been hiding for several hours. They boys have been charged with several crimes, mostly related to theft and underage possession of firearms. An investigation continues for both incidents, and the boys are being held at a local youth detention center. 

When teens make bad decisions, parents may not know how to help. In cases where teens may have gotten into some legal trouble, such as scenarios involving theft charges, an experienced attorney can help. With so much on the line, a lawyer can focus on presenting a defense that protects a client’s considerable legal rights and pursues the most favorable result obtainable under the circumstances.