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Police crack down on teens and alcohol

Georgia police are on a mission, and they have stepped up efforts to prevent teens from drinking in local establishments. Recently, law enforcement teams have utilized undercover agents in the form of people under the age of 21 to test area businesses’ compliance with underage alcohol sales. Though the operation was geared towards businesses, parents and teens need to be aware that if a teen is caught with alcohol the establishment that served it is not the only one facing legal trouble. 

In Georgia, a person must be 21 years old to purchase, consume or possess alcohol. Teens may think that drinking is just a fun way to enjoy an evening out or a party with friends. Many teens do not realize that violating alcohol laws can land them in legal trouble. 

The sting operation resulted in 11 businesses facing fines and penalties for serving alcohol to underage patrons. One potential penalty is the establishment could lose its alcohol licenses. When it is easy for teens to get their hands on alcohol, they may be tempted to indulge and wind up in trouble themselves. In Georgia, a teen caught with alcohol faces a fine of $300 and six months in jail. 

If a teen finds him or herself in legal trouble involving alcohol, it usually falls on a parent or guardian to assist the accused in preparing for court. Often, it can be helpful for a family in need of criminal defense to contact an experienced attorney. An attorney would be able to explain the legal process to a teen defendant and help him or her prepare to tell his or her side of the story to a judge.