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October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

The month of October is a favorite on the calendar for many Georgia residents. The heat of summer finally releases it’s grip, and cool weather brings fun activities like football games, walks in the woods to enjoy the foliage and family favorite dinners. October is also Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and one local community has found a creative way to bring attention to the issue. 

A local Georgia community group is staging a talent show. All monies raised from participating in or attending the event will go to help victims of domestic violence. The organization responsible for hosting the event has helped over 20,000 people of all genders and ages since it’s inception. 

The event was embraced by the community, featuring 13 acts chosen from over 40 auditions. It is a way for families to educate themselves on a serious issue, but have fun while doing so. Event organizers hope people can go home with a little knowledge that may help themselves or a loved one in the future. 

An accusation of domestic violence is handled seriously by law enforcement. For both victims and the accused, such an event can be life-changing. If an individual has been accused of domestic violence in criminal court, a savvy defense attorney may be able to help. A lawyer can assist the accused in seeking to ensure that the client is not looked upon as guilty based solely upon a charge or accusation, because an accusation is not evidence of guilt. The attorney can also help defend against formal accusations while pursuing an optimal result in the client’s best interests.