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Georgia man facing marijuana possession, trafficking charges

Many Georgia residents can relate to situations where days that start out one way wind up quite another. One man recently gained a clear understanding of what that is like when he was traveling somewhere and a police officer pulled him over in a traffic stop. The events that unfolded thereafter may change his life because he is now facing marijuana possession and trafficking charges.

As in all criminal law situations, the man in this situation is guaranteed the opportunity to defend himself. In the moments leading up to his arrest, a K-9 unit was deployed during the traffic stop and allegedly alerted officers to something inside the car. Police say they then searched the vehicle.

At some point, police say they also obtained a warrant to search the man’s house. In addition to 12 pounds of marijuana that authorities claim was wrapped in vacuum-sealed bags in the man’s car, they also allege to have found $105,000 at the man’s residence. Investigators claim the money was connected to drug sales. It will be up to prosecutors to prove that such accusations have merit.

Facing marijuana possession and trafficking charges in Georgia is a serious matter that can lead to severe penalties, including extended time in prison and substantial fines. Such outcomes would be avoided if the accused individual is able to present a strong defense that convinces a judge to dismiss a case. Facing criminal charges is intimidating and often confusing, which is why most defendants choose to act alongside experienced and aggressive legal representation in court.