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Children may face charges after shoplifting call turns violent

Georgia parents are probably aware that there is potential for trouble when their children are old enough to venture out with friends. Most parents can only hope that the lessons they have taught their teens will help them avoid getting themselves involved in illegal activity, but sometimes teens make mistakes. Recently, two children accused of shoplifting found themselves involved in an incident that ended in the shooting of a police officer. 

The trouble began when a caller informed police that three men were attempting to steal merchandise from a local big box store. When police arrived, they were able to spot the suspects. Two of them, minor children, were reportedly cooperative. The third, an adult, attempted to flee. 

When officers began to pursue the suspect, he allegedly shot an officer and then turned the gun on himself. Reports indicate that this suspect died, and the officer remains in critical condition. The minor suspects were questioned and then allowed to go home with their parents. Police say charges will likely be pressed, but it is unclear what crime, if any, the children committed. 

When Georgia minors get into legal trouble, it often falls on their parents to help them face the possible repercussions. When a child is accused of shoplifting, it may have been the fault of the adult that was supervising them. It can be a good idea to allow an experienced attorney to assist. An attorney may be able to help a young defendant explain the situation to a court and help them feel confident that they will not face a penalty for someone else’s actions.