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Teen vapers can face charges of minor in possession

Georgia parents may not be aware that what has been advertised as a safer alternative to smoking could land their teen in hot water. The law classifies vapes and the liquids uses inside them as tobacco products, and therefore it is against the law for teens to purchase, possess or use them. Though many people are not aware teen use of vapes is a crime, and law enforcement often looks the other way when a teen who is not causing any trouble has a vape, officials now warn teens can be charged with minor in possession

Research into vaping is still in it’s infancy, and some experts warn that additives and ingredients in vape fluids are largely unregulated. Some may even contain ingredients known to be scheduled narcotics. Some areas of Georgia have begun campaigns to alert the public that police will be stepping up enforcement efforts, and teens suspected of violating the law can be charged with a crime. 

Because vaping has become commonplace, and is often marketed as a safe activity, teens may not be aware they are potentially breaking a law. Many of the fluids can be misleading, often flavored like popular candy or soft drinks. A teen may not be able to decipher the difference between a restricted activity and a fun pastime. 

When a teen is charged with minor in possession, parents may panic. Adults know all too well that being found guilty of a crime can affect a person for years to come. Families may want to consider consulting an experienced attorney. A lawyer can help fight any formal accusations and navigate criminal proceedings with a view toward protecting the teen’s current and long-term interests.