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Former college football player accused of shoplifting

Georgia shoppers may be familiar with the self-checkout lanes at large stores. Rather than wait in long lines, shoppers have an option to scan their own items and pay at a machine. Unfortunately, if a person is unable to properly complete the checkout process on the machine, they can find themselves accused of shoplifting

Recently, a former college football player found himself under arrest after shopping at a Georgia Walmart. He decided to use the self-checkout, and began to scan his items. While some scanned correctly, others did not. The machine is unable to alert a shopper when an item is not scanned, and in stores that are busy and noisy, it can be difficult to hear the sound the machine makes to confirm an item has been scanned properly. Perhaps unaware of the error, he paid the total shown on the screen and planned to exit the store. 

When he began to walk out with his purchases, he was met by store employees, who accused him of attempting to steal about $80 worth of merchandise. Some of the items in his bags were not listed on the reciept, and the employees called the police. The man was arrested, and police note that he was compliant and did not attempt to evade arrest. Store employees admit that he did, in fact, pay for many of the items in his bag. 

A person is accused of shoplifting may, understandably, feel frustrated. Those facing charges will likely want to contact an experienced attorney. An attorney can help protect the legal rights of a client while advocating for a favorable result in court.