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Big change to laws regarding domestic violence

Recently, the state of Georgia has made some major changes to laws pertaining to restraining orders, in an effort to combat family violence. Domestic violence remains a grave concern in communities across the nation, and in many cases, a mere accusation can land a defendant on the receiving end of a restraining order. Laws about restraining orders have recently changed, and residents should be made aware that violating such an order is now a serious crime. 

Previously, if a person violated a restraining order by contacting a victim, it was considered an administrative matter. With the new changes, persons accused of violating a restraining order will be charged with a crime. The changes are meant to help victims prevent unwanted contact from an accused aggressor. 

The wording of restraining orders in Georgia has also changed. There are now more specific details contained in such an order that clearly state what is considered to be a violation. More changes along these lines are set for the near future, requiring that people who are accused of violating a restraining order will face much stiffer criminal penalties. 

Standing accused of domestic violence can feel overwhelming, and defendants often fear they are already looked upon as guilty if they are served with a restraining order. They should be aware that it can be helpful to partner with an experienced attorney. An attorney may be more up-to-date on the recent changes and make sure a defendant understands the process ahead in court. It is important to be aware that violating a restraining order will only lead to more trouble, and having an attorney on the team can help defendants clear the matter in a court of law.